Fixed Mount Readers

Fixed Mount Readers are used for applications where the codes appear within the same field of view repetitively, such as a production line.

– Recab offers range of different products within the field of Code readers. Recab are proud of collaborate with Keyence to be able to provide the best products on the market. Keyence is a leading supplier of sensors, measuring systems, code readers, anti-static and machine vision systems worldwide. Keyence strives to develop innovative and reliable products to meet the need of customers all over the world in every manufacturing industry.

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Zebra FS40 Fixed Industrial Scanner

Zebra FS40 Fixed Industrial Scanner - Comprehensive feature set, extraordinary flexibility, unsurpassed value.

Zebra FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner

Zebra FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner - Plug-and-play high quality scanning wherever you need it - Easily track and trace items as they move through the warehouse and distribution center with Zebra’s FS10. This compact device…

Zebra – FS20 Fixed Industrial Scanner

Easily Integrate high quality scanning into your network - Empower your enterprise with real-time track and trace of every item with the FS20. Multiple connectivity options easily integrate into your PLC or Host network, enabling…

Keyence SR-750 series – Available in Sweden & Norway

Keyence 1D and 2D code reader SR-750 series is a high performance compact reader. Built-in code corrective algorithms mean reliable reading, even when code quality changes due to printing or marking variances.

Keyence SR-700 series Ultra-compact code readers – Available in Sweden & Norway

Keyence The SR-700 series are ultra-compact. With the compact body the code reader can be mounted in small spaces, expanding the range of applications. A new algorithms provide best-in-class reading capability even when the code…

Keyence SR-1000 Series – Available in Sweden & Norway

The SR-1000 by Keyence is an automatic focus code readers. This is a fixed mount reader for reading even the most difficult 1D and 2D codes through features such as automatic tuning, autofocus, and built-in…