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Our services

It is essential to understand the entirety of the situation to enable world class applications.
This includes factors such as costs, technical possibilities, problems and requirements. At Recab we therefore offer more than solely the hardware, in form of support and our services. Through consulation and guidance we are able to constructs and design system solutions based on standard products from world-leading suppliers – and if that is not possible, we custom adapt or custom-make a solution in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Recab can assist you with mechanic- and electric hardware design as well as development and implementation of certain software and firmware. We at Recab also offers system integration, pre-configuration, tests and different types of certification (CE,IEC, etc.) along with training and courses to deliver a complete solution for our customers.


A selection of our services:

  • Consulation and guidance regarding current & possible solutions
  • Complete system solutions based on standard products
  • Construction & design of custom-made solutions & products
  • Quality certified system integration
  • Pre-konfiguration of products and systems
  • Environmental tests
  • Different types of product certification
  • Troubleshooting, both on-site and remotely
  • Implementation of cloud based M2M / IoT solutions for remote control
  • Open group and customized training and courses
  • Webinars

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