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Magnus Jäder

Technical Sales


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Carsten Stokholm

Service & Support, FAE, Logger sales

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Lars Dammen

Key Account Manager

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Antennas and cables

Antennas and extension cables are important for making communication to work. To complement our range of industrial wireless routers, we also supply the antennas to suit your application. For us at Recab, there are only opportunities. We have a large selection of products and can adapt to the customer’s needs.

We help you to find the solutions for your needs and we can also customize so the the equipment fits your specific business.
The Recab engineering team has through years of experience with developing products established a successful and effective organization. Our engineers work closely with our customers to create exceptional products that meet the requirements and demands for the application.

Solutions & support for your daily business, find a selection of our offer below or read more about our Engineering capabilities here.  

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