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Network Communication

Network Communication for your applications area.

– SFP Transceivers
– WiFi
– Unmanaged Switches
– Managed Switches
– Time Synchronisation
– Firewall
– Media Converters

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Network Communication

SFP Transceivers


The SFP Transceivers is a small but a very important component of the communication chain. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use the switch suppliers’ own SFPs to guarantee full function.



WiFi: Our wireless networking products (WiFi) can be used to create a simple wireless access point or bridge, to advanced networks for mesh or fast roaming.

Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Switches_1

Unmanaged Switches: The simplicity without configuration requirements and the lower price have made this type of switch the most widely used in the industry.

Managed Switches

Managed switches

Managed switches offer a variety of functions that can be used for example to increase security, prioritize traffic or build redundancy in a network.

Time Synchronisation

Time syncronization

Time Synchronisation: Correct time at all nodes is important for troubleshooting etc. We support NTP, PTP and more in various enclosures and mounting options.



Extend your Ethernet network via a 2-wire copper cable over several kilometers. Up to 100 Mbit with VDSL technology.
Point to Point or Multi Drop / Ring solutions can be implemented.



The importance of secure networks and communication is growing every day, and there are new standards like IEC-62443 that your network needs to comply to. Use differnt types of firewalls to isolate and segment your network and use VPN when you need to communicate over non-secure connections.

Media Converters

Pic- Cat-Fiber Interface Repeaters -Hirschmann- Recab_

Convert between different industrial protocols with ease. Also use fibre cables to extend the distance and minimize the disturbance of the communication.