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Brian Ulskov Sørensen

Managing Director, Embedded Computer Systems - Recab Denmark

+45 443 511 85

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Nils Olav Gjørvad

System Designer

+47 969 022 11

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Industrial PC

Industrial rackmount systems for operation in 24/7 AI applications. Industrial rackmount systems are designed and tested for challenging environments, and are the perfect fit for high temperature and mechanical stress conditions - Industrial PC

Designed for use in industrial applications requiring high computing power and data availability, e.g. high-end image processing and SCADA/MES applications and for complex computing tasks as ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) and machine learning requiring the processing and analyzing of huge amounts of data.

High performance computing and graphics power enable 24/7 operation and long-term deployment. Features like removable drives, various expansion cards and the availability of various heights 1U, 2U as well as 4U. Short versions offer maximum of processing power and flexibility for limited spaces.
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