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<h4>Recab Solution:  MPU – Maritime Processing Unit<h4>

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Brian Ulskov Sørensen

Brian Ulskov Sørensen

Managing Director, Embedded Computer Systems - Recab Denmark

+45 443 511 85

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Bjørn Espen Aase

Bjørn Espen Aase

Managing Director, Embedded Computer Systems - Recab Norway

+47 950 595 15

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Lars Virdeby

Lars Virdeby

Sales Manager - Embedded Computer Systems SE

+46 8 683 03 46

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Recab Solution: MPU – Maritime Processing Unit

Compact and scalable fanless high performance Maritime Processing Unit using Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3

• Flexible design enables a range of optional modules and functionality to be added. Examples include DGPS, AIS receiver, UHF radio with Diplexer through a Single Antenna connector
• Optional Power over Ethernet 802.3af interface, and standard PC I/O interfaces
• Recessed IP-65 shielded compartment for USB dongle and/or service port
• Designed and tested for Maritime applications, including oil & gas sector
• Completely sealed unit, water resistant using rugged IP-65 connectors
• Wide range DC input (9–30 VDC). Power supply designed for harsh maritime environments with unstable power sources
• Modular backpack solution with optional touchscreen

Success Applications Stories By Recab: Meeting the challenge for iSurvey
The surveying and positioning company iSurvey needed to develop a new advanced module for its iSafe positioning system. Recab took on the challenge.
iSurvey is a dynamic company providing a range of advanced services for seabed surveying and positioning for offshore installations and ships.
For one of iSurvey’s systems, there was a need to develop a more compact, robust modular support unit including positioning and communications electronics.

3D study First, to see whether it was even possible to develop the desired product, Recab carried out a feasibility study in cooperation with the Danish division of the company. It was important to do this early on to make sure all the components would fit and we also had to deal with the heat and EMC challenges you face in a densely packed cabinet.

Develop heat spreader.

Initially Recab was looking at an Intel Atom-based card to keep power consumption down, but it didn’t deliver optimal performance. Instead, they went with a third generation Core i3 processor, deciding it was better to take the trouble of developing solutions for getting the heat away from the processors.

The mechanical design of the unit is a separate challenge. The chassis and its mounting bracket (which can be collapsed when not in use) are designed to be easy to move and set up wherever needed.

Challenges – Develop a new advanced module for its iSafe positioning system.
One of the biggest challenges was keeping track of all the details. Good project management ended up being extremely important.

The products have now been deployed and are field proven, robust and stable in operation in the North Sea.
And iSurvey is satisfied with our implementation!

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