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Bjørn Espen Aase

Bjørn Espen Aase

Managing Director, Embedded Computer Systems - Recab Norway

+47 950 595 15

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Brian Axbøg

Brian Axbøg

Engineering Group Manager / Senior Systems Designer

+45 443 511 85

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Dan Sundell

Dan Sundell

FAE / Integration Manager

+46 705-77 12 88

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Conga-B7XD from Congatech is a COM Express Type 7 Basic module based on the latest Intel® Xeon™ and Intel® Pentium™ processor family

Feature for Conga-B7XD - COM Express Type 7 

  • Up to Intel® Xeon® D 1577 with 16 Cores
  • 2x 10 Gigabit Ethernet KR Interface
  • 32x PCI Express lanes
  • up to 16 processor cores
  • up to 24MByte Cache with Intel Cache Allocation Technology
  • industrial grade variant
  • Productvideo
  • Download datasheet below

The conga-B7XD modules use the Type 7 pinout definition and comply with COM Express 3.0 specification. They are equipped with two high performance connectors that ensure stable data throughput, and support high bandwidth networking.

Integrates all the core components of a common PC - The COM (computer on module) integrates all the core components of a common PC and is mounted onto an application specific carrier board. COM modules are legacy-free design (no Super I/O, PS/2 keyboard and mouse) and provide most of the functional requirements for any embedded PC application. These functions include, but are not limited to a rich complement of contemporary high bandwidth serial interfaces such as
    • PCI Express
    • Serial ATA
    • USB 3.0/2.0
    • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Perfectly suited for all applicationsThe robust thermal and mechanical concept, combined with extended power-management capabilities, is perfectly suited for all applications. Carrier board designers can use as little or as many of the I/O interfaces as deemed necessary. The carrier board can therefore provide all the interface connectors required to attach the system to the application specific peripherals. This versatility allows the designer to create a dense and optimized package, which results in a more reliable product while simplifying system integration.

Most importantly, COM Express™ Copyright © 2017 congatec AG TSDEm16 12/161 modules are scalable, which means once an application has been created there is the ability to diversify the product range through the use of different performance class or form factor size modules. Simply unplug one module and replace it with another; no redesign is necessary

Embedded Computer Systems is one of Recab’s core business units. For more than two decades, it has been at the heart of our service, providing customers with the best individual products and complete solutions across a range of applications – Whatever a customer project requires, our team can select the best products from all over the world.We have products, solutions & support for your daily business, read more about our Engineering capabilities and our successful applications

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Product information

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conga-b7xd-blockdiagram Blockdiagram Document 29.63 KB Download
conga-b7xd-pic Large picture Document 512.14 KB Download
Conga-B7E3 Datasheet Datasheet Document - Open