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Robert Helenius

Field Application Engineer

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Gjermund Slettvold

Engineering Group Manager

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Embedded Computers & Boards

At Embedded Computers and Boards we have a Selection of Mother boards suitable for embedding and also Computer on Modules of all categories

Many of these boards are System On a Module, SOM and need a carrier board to become useful. All boards need some kind of housing or chassis to make a system. Recab can assist and advice on building Your system. 

We have products, solutions & support for your daily business, find a selection of our offer below or read more about our Engineering capabilities and our successful applications

Embedded Computers & Boards



COMe: COM Express® defines standardized form factors and pin-outs for Computer-on-Modules. The standard includes the mini form factor (84 x 55mm), the compact form factor (95 x 95mm) and the basic form factor (125 x 95mm).

Ruggedized Systems


Recab have over the years built many systems where the demands have been harder than on usual computers.



SMARC™ Low-power embedded architecture platform for Computer-on-Modules based on ARM and X86 technology



The Qseven specification is hosted by the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies - SGET



Recab offers a broad range of high quality longevity motherboards from Mini-boards to full size ATX, covering Embedded and Server market.