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<h4>Onset MX2300 Bluetooth<h4>

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Carsten Stokholm

Carsten Stokholm

Service & Support, FAE, Logger sales

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Onset MX2300 Bluetooth

Onset MX2300 outdoor data loggers MX2300 is Onset's newest outdoor temperature and humidity data loggers.

HOBO MX2300 series is weatherproof and are available in different models. Bluetooth communication provides easy programming and download of data. It also provides real time data for visual check, before a logger is left for a long period of time. Communication is via your own phone or tablet.


MX2300 serien - Onset's udendørs temperatur og luftfugtigheds-dataloggere

HOBO MX2300 serien er vejrtæt og fås i flere forskellige udgaver. Bluetooth kommunikationen gør, at man kan udlæse real time data, ændre opsætningen eller download af data direkte til mobil telefon eller tablet.

New soil moisture and tempeature data logger


  • Weatherproof data logger for outdoor use
  • Models with internal and external sensors
  • Save 84.650 temperature- or humidity measurements
  • Expected battery life 3 year - user replaceable
  • Bluetooth BLE communication
  • High accuracy for precise measurements

Some only need to measure e.g. at a single point at regular intervals, log it measurement data and later print them out for further analysis or control. Others needs continuous monitoring of e.g. temperature, voltage, current, energy etc. in many measuring points simultaneously.

Whatever your data collection needs are, we have a Data loggers solution for you!

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Product information

  • Denmark
Document Description File type Size
MX2301A Temperature and humidity data logger, internal sensors Document 67.18 KB Download
MX2302A Temperature and humidity data logger, external sensor Document 70.53 KB Download
MX2303 Temperature data logger with 2 external sensors Document 70.63 KB Download
MX2303 Temperature data logger with external sensor Document 68.54 KB Download
MX2305 Temperature data logger with internal sensor Document 67.01 KB Download
MX2306 Soil moisture data logger Document 81.34 KB Download
MX2307 Soil moisture and temperature data logger Document 81.34 KB Download