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Glenn Abrahamsson

Technical Sales/Senior Advisor - Sensor, ID & Vision solutions

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Klas Bengtsson

Technical Sales

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Here you find our PC-based Cameras. You might want eyes for your Robot, want to do quality check on timber, check your tickets coming out of the printer. Recab have a wide selection of Cameras from VGA to 50 megapixels, line cameras, high speed cameras.

We have products, solutions & support for your daily business, find a selection of our offer below or read more about our Engineering capabilities 


Area Cameras


Area Cameras as it sounds take a normal picture. We have a wide range of cameras with different utilities. Starting from value line cameras up to high sensitive cameras, IP classed programmable via FPGA. Recab have cameras from VGA resolution to over 50 Mpixels and different interfaces.

Line Cameras


A Line camera have a sensor that are just a few pixels high but many pixcels wide. Thus one can take pictures on objects that moves or are round. These lines can be put together to a picture as long as wanted.

High Speed Cameras


Use High Speed Cameras when you want to trace fast events. Different variants available, some use fast sensors and traditional interface to continuously transfer data to a computer

Scientific Cameras


Scientific Cameras are used where you want as little noise as possible. Might be a microscope. Cameras often use cooled sensors to minimize noise.