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Mats Wesslén

Mats Wesslén

Senior System Designer

+46 70-554 83 36

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Brian Axbøg

Brian Axbøg

Engineering Group Manager / Senior Systems Designer

+45 443 511 85

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Model 71871 4-Ch 1.25 GHz D/A with DUC, Extended Interpolation, Kintex UltraScale - XMC  


Recab together with world leading manufacturers have all items to build the system adopted to Your needs. From Chassis, SBSs, Switches, FPGA, Graphics  to Storage solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact you local Recab office for assistance.

Please also read about our successful applications. 

We have products, solutions & support for your daily business, find a selection of our offer below or read more about our Engineering capabilities 

LINKS TO: 🔶 microTCA     🔶  XMC/PMC    🔶 cPCI    🔶 VPX    🔶 VME    🔶 Special Form Factor

Product information

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Pentek-71871-pic Large picture Document 562.49 KB Download
Pentek-71871-Series Datasheet Datasheet Document - Open