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24 August 2020 | Products

Launch: Embrace Next-level Network Versatility
– MOXA MDS-G4000 Series 

The MDS-G4000 Series from Moxa is a One Platform for Future-proof Modular Networks. It supports a broad range of media interface modules. We outfitted each module with 4 ports to allow for even more combinations, letting you scale your network at a granular level based on your needs. No need to worry about future scalability or changing to different types of media ports, the MDS-G4000 Series provides a single adjustable platform to plan ahead. 

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MOXA MDS-G4000 Series : As industrial networks continue to evolve, the connectivity requirements for industrial applications grow as well with more devices becoming interconnected. Building a flexible, scalable, and reliable network capable of accommodating the growing scale and diversity of industrial networks is now becoming a major concern. Therefore, businesses are looking for truly versatile solutions that are easy to maintain to ensure smooth operations while keeping costs down.

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Centralized Underground Security Monitoring System
In the open-pit mining industry, automated underground control systems are deployed and integrated to achieve optimal operational efficiency. The MDS-G4000 Series features a rugged, compact housing equipped with a robust DIN-rail mounting kit that fits in limited cabinet spaces and can withstand heavy vibration.

Aggregating Ethernet-based Power Substation Infrastructure
To accommodate the high volume of intelligent electronic devices (IED) in modern substations, the MDS-G4000 modular switches meet the requirements of the IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 standards, offering industry-proven efficiency and reliability in power substation applications.


Introducing the Moxa MDS-G4000 Series of modular switches, offering a mix-and-match Gigabit platform that provides adaptive networking capacity. A capacity to meet the requirements of numerous constantly changing scenarios through high scalability, flexibility, reliability, and effortless maintenance.

  • -40 to 75°C – Wide Temperature
  • 10G – Bump
  • 30G – Anti-shock
  • 4 Ports per module
  • 5 Media Interface Types
  • 2 Isolated Power Modules for Redundancy

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