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31 August 2020 | Technology

Recab: IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things

Industry 4.0 has seen new concepts and technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation developing at a rapid pace.


Guidance, What is IIoT (IIoT)- Industrial Internet of Things:
One key element of Industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things (IoT), where computing systems connect seamlessly with other devices in the cloud – transferring data over a network without human intervention. By combining these connected devices, it is possible to gather data, analyse it and create insights and actions to help with any given task. Consumers use cloud solutions every day, and now see them as part of the natural order. In the world of business, too, new technologies are emerging all the time that help increase productivity, eliminate errors and facilitate almost limitless connectivity.

Internet of Things (IoT) – generates connectivity
Within manufacturing, the IIoT does the same thing on an industrial scale. Rather than supporting simpler consumer or IT requirements, IIoT generates connectivity between machines, factories and entire supply chains.

In this new, hyper-connected world, the IIoT is revolutionizing the way we build things by enabling the acquisition and accessibility of far greater amounts of data, at far greater speeds, far more efficiently than before.

IIoT – the potential to connect all its component parts
However complex a machine might be, the IIoT has the potential to connect all its component parts, including sensors, cameras and embedded computers. Data is transferred from the machines and reassembled in the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere in the world in real time. As the breadth, depth and granularity of the data increases, machines can learn and improve performance.

Operators can use IIoT to predict when their machines will need maintenance or replacement, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. With cloud connectivity, there is also almost limitless potential to share information and optimise processes leading to rapid advancements in technology and innovation.

Challenges with IIoT in your business
But, as with all major breakthroughs, there are challenges for organisations to overcome. The nature of cloud computing and open source principles, where code is freely available to be shared, can make companies nervous that they are being exposed to unnecessary risk. Some organizations might be reluctant to adopt a fully cloud-based solution because they are worried about losing control of their data.

There is also the problem of mindset. Many people are resistant to wholesale change, and fearful of what new processes and systems might mean for their roles and livelihoods.

Recab: IIoT provides manufacturers with a world of new possibilities.
At Recab, our role is to provide the right hardware, insight and practical support for customers looking to navigate this new world of connectivity within an industrial environment. We are cyber security experts, so customer data remains safe at all times, while our suite of services covers the whole spectrum of computing from edge to cloud – including routers and application software.

Cutomer Case – Nordomatic AB a leader in energy-efficient building automation:
One of Recab´s recurring customers – Nordomatic AB, is a leader in Europe when it comes to energy-efficient building automation. By combining an optimal indoor climate with heavily reduced costs and a long-term sustainable society they create a unique offer. What primarily distinguish them is the combined competence and enthusiasm for both building automation and energy efficiency within properties says Kenneth Martinsson – CTO Cloud Service at Nordomatic.


Kenneth Martinsson – CTO Cloud Service at Nordomatic.

All parameters play a role for Nordomatic:
Energy efficient building automation is based on utilizing all the surplus energy that is created in a building, but which usually is not taken to use. The solution also takes the property´s building structure into account, since every property have a unique thermal inertia and is therefore optimally controlled according to precisely those conditions. Someone called it “Eco-driving” for real estate.

In order for our customer to be able to handle an overview and future forecast of approximately 200 facilities, Recab provides routers as well as VPN-solutions such as, see link below:
VPN-Solution: iCom Connectivity Suite – VPN

All monitoring takes place via a web browser where it is simple to keep track of statuses -whereupon you get an overview without being at the locations in person – “Eco-driving” for real estates.


Our three core divisions are Sensor, ID and VisionIndustrial Data Communication  and Embedded Computing Services, and these teams have access to a vast portfolio of products.

Some of our key global partners within Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) :
Belden Hirschmann
Siemens Ruggedcom

Link to Recab’s “Guidance and knowledge archive” where you will find more information about – Industrial PC, Industry 4.0 ect…


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