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17 February 2021 | Products

NVIDIA Jetson Nano development kit
– Imaging Source

The Imaging Source's preassembled embedded development kits for NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ deliver plug-and-play efficiency for the rapid development of embedded vision and AI projects for applications in logistics, automation and industrial internet of things (IIoT).

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Imaging Source – NVIDIA Jetson Nano development kit: The development kits come equipped with a flashed SD card containing all necessary MIPI CSI-2 or FPD-Link III drivers and a custom-designed system image. This image includes significant convenience functionality such as Jupyter notebooks, enabling developers to quickly get started with the camera sensor via GStreamer elements.

All sensors use either the standard video4linux API or NVIDIA’s proprietary API based on the libargus programming interface. The video4linux interface for example provides RAW video data and allows direct control of all sensor parameters.

Leveraging the hardware ISP (Image Signal Processor) available on all Jetson platforms, the NVIDIA libargus interface delivers a processed video stream to the application with de-mosaicing, color correction and white balance algorithms applied.

The Imaging Source provides a default configuration file for the ISP. Using the GStreamer interface for libargus, the application can interface with NVIDIA’s standard Jetson ecosystem software stack which enables the efficient integration of powerful image processing frameworks such as DeepStream, Visionworks and others.

600x150- NVIDIA Jetson Nano development kits - Imaging Source - Recab

Imaging Source – NVIDIA Jetson Nano development kit, ready to use, containing the following components:

  • NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano developer board with power supply
  • DFM 37MX335-ML (5MP color board camera)
  • M12 lens (TBL 8 C 5 MP)
  • 1 m CA-FAKRA-BA-BA cable
  • Tripod with tripod adapter
  • MDSER-FPD-1CH (single channel MIPI deserializer over FPD Link III)
  • SD-card (32GB) with flashed image
  • Cooling fan

The NVIDIA Jetson Nano development kit from Imaging Source:
Ordinary price: 13.510 SEK

Special Recab discount 30% – through May 30, 2021 – for more info, contact us
(The discout is available for Recab´s customers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark)

For more info please contact our experts: 
Glenn Abrahamsson / +46 702-355 685 /
Klas Bengtsson / +46 730-766 721 /

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