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08 March 2022 | Products

Hirschmann: GREYHOUND 105/106 Ethernet switches

The 105/106 devices serve as multipurpose aggregation layer switches – with its IT form factor, coupled with OT environmental robustness, the GREYHOUND helps you to bridge the gap between your office and your industrial networks.
Launch date April 1:st 2022

Hirschmann’s GREYHOUND 105/106 
The demand for bandwidth and the number of interconnected devices grow significantly each year. Hirschmann’s GREYHOUND 105/106 switches are multipurpose and designed to meet these needs. With a very high port density on a single, compact device supporting multiple

Gigabit speeds, these switches ensure that large amounts of data collected in the field can be delivered to the enterprise level quickly, securely and reliably. Tri-speed SFP ports protect your investment through cost-effective and effortless future bandwidth upgrades. 



Unique combinations: Security mechanisms, diagnostic methods & redundancy measures
The extensive capabilities available through Hirschmann’s proven HiOS software give the switches unique combinations of security mechanisms, diagnostic methods and redundancy measures. HiOS actively supports IT/OT convergence and the IIoT with a built-in OPC UA Server that enables secure data collection and seamless communication across the entire network – from the field all the way up to the cloud. Robust enough to operate in industrial environments, with configurable capacity and best-in-class performance, the GREYHOUND 105/106 family delivers a cost-effective, scalable way to build the future-facing network needed for the IIoT. 

GREYHOUND 105/106 Ethernet switches are ideal for industrial networks where IT/OT convergence requires speed, reliability, ease of use and security. Depending on the network size, the device can serve as a backbone or aggregation layer switch or router*. With up to 14 2.5GE ports, the device enables customers to terminate a large number of high-speed connections coming from the field.

The GREYHOUND also offers downward compatibility for existing infrastructure. And with its wide operating temperature range and fanless design, which reduces unplanned maintenance outages, it can be installed in both harsh environmental conditions, as well as control cabinets, without the need for powerful cooling system. 


The new GREYHOUND Ethernet switches are the latest evolution of Hirschmann’s tried and trusted 19 ̋ products. These devices will support the most demanding modern applications through state-of-the-art switching components, coupled with performance reliability users have come to expect. This includes all segments of:

It’s designed to enable maximum uptime and ensure smooth production processes.

Hirschmann: GREYHOUND 105/106 Ethernet switches


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