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  • Jai: Go Series 8.1 MP
    UV area scan camera

    Quantum efficiency at 200 nm is above 25% and is between
    40-50% for nearly all of the UVA and UVB range.
    Especially suitable for Electronics & corona inspection, Medical/Dermatology, Semiconductors, Pharmaceuticals & Security printing inspection.

  • Unique expertise:
    FPGA Drop-in Replacement

    As the industry keeps struggling with component shortages on just about every level, the shortage of electrical components is a significant problem for many companies.
    Synective Labs, a Recab company, offer you a suitable replacement FPGA for any given design.

  • ”Embedded HW” delivery problems? - We have immediate product delivery for your project

    At Recab we have continuous dialog with our manufacturing partners. Right now we can deliver direct to your projects and you can ensure your ongoing business - We have the solutions, welcome to contact your local Recab Teamplayer.

13 January 2021 | Event, Marketing

Free Webinar: Solving the Thermal Challenges within Embedded systems

Download for free: How improved Thermal testing methods have enabled Higher Performance VITA Conduction cooled modules and card-loks.
- Getting more heat out of your board in Rugged Environments

Webinar-Recab-nVent-Solving -Thermal -Challenges -Embedded - Systems

Free Webinar: Solving the Thermal Challenges within Embedded systems:
Join Recab’s Gjermund Slettvold and nVent SCHROFF’s Katie Hausman as they take a deep dive into how improved thermal testing methods have enabled higher performance VITA conduction-cooled modules and Card-Loks and ultimately better thermally performing conduction cooled systems. Gjermund and Katie will also discuss market trends and application examples.

Host: Recab’s Gjermund Slettvold and nVent SCHROFF’s Katie Hausman
Duration: 50 minutes
Download: Use form below

Gjermund Slettvold,  Recab – Engineering Group Manager. Responsible for system engineering and technology development.
Gjermund Slettvold has extensive experience in systems architecture and design, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Embedded Systems from Buskerud University College in Norway. Prior to Recab, Gjermund spent 10 years with FMC Technologies in various engineering and technical manager roles, with responsibility for design and validation of both subsea and topside systems.

Katie Hausman, nVent SCHROFF – Global Vertical Marketing Manager – Aerospace & Defense
Katie Hausman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas. Prior to nVent, she spent several years with Emerson in various global product management roles. She is currently the Global Product Manager for nVent SCHROFF’s Calmark and Birtcher products.

Do  you have any questions about the webinar, please email Gjermund Slettvold.
Welcome to download below! 

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Webinar: Solving the Thermal Challenges within Embedded systems