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13 January 2022 | Marketing, Technology

Synective Labs & Chalmers Launch FPGA Project Course

The course, DAT096, is a one-semester project for Master students where the students will implement a Deep Learning network accelerator into a Xilinx FPGA.
The Implementation includes advanced DSP algorithms,
DDR memory controllers, image buffering and off-chip communication.

Recab-Synective_Labs_Chalmers_FPGA-Project-Course_DAT096-FPGA Project Course

Project course in FPGAs and VHDL implementation
This is another step in Synective Labs effort to bring young engineers into the field of RTL programming and FPGAs. In recent years, there has been a massive demand for professional FPGA engineers and Synective Labs is helping to close the gap between the academic world and the industry demand. By cooperating with Chalmers, we bring real-world tasks to the students as part of their education. 

Synective Labs will provide the course assignment in terms of algorithm, data sets and systems architecture, while Chalmers staff will be responsible for supervision and examination. 

Synective Labs is also offering an FPGA Trainee program for newly graduated engineers to further develop their skills and become experts in the field of FPGAs and RTL coding.

Link to FPGA Project Course DAT096

For info about  FPGA Project Course DAT96 & Synective Labs:
Niklas Ljung  / Niklas.Ljung@SYNECTIVE.SE
Gunnar Stjernberg / gunnar.stjernberg@SYNECTIVE.SE 

This is Synective Labs:
Synective Labs is a part of the Recab Group as a daughter company.
Synective Labs is the leading provider of FPGA-related services in the Nordic region. We specialize in signal- and image processing, computational acceleration and embedded system design based primarily on FPGAs but also GPUs and CPUs. We provide solutions and design services to customers within the telecom, med tech, defence and automotive markets from our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Linköping. 
Recab expands and invests in FPGA and ASIC design – Synective Labs