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21 September 2021 | Marketing

Box PC,
Embedded AI system
built to bring AI to any
work environment

The BOXER-8100AI family of embedded AI systems feature the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2, a powerful 6-core ARM unit supporting
256 CUDA cores of processing power, perfect for AI edge computing.

Recab and Aaeon are proud to present:
The BOXER-8100AI family of embedded AI systems

The BOXER-8100AI family supports Tensorflow, Caffe2, and MXnet, enabling developers to deploy their own AI inference. With a rugged design and compact size, the BOXER-8100AI is the embedded AI system built to bring AI to any work environment.
See a selection of Aaeons range of the Boxer AI family & download the datasheet below


The BOXER-8110AI’s COM port, CANbus and rugged design features mean it can support industrial automation and in-vehicle applications. With its powerful processor and cost-effective design, this is one AI platform you’ll be able to install anywhere. Click for more info…


The BOXER-8120AI has four Intel LAN (i211) ports to support IP cameras, and it also boasts a series of rugged design features such as anti-dust specifications, a wide operating temperature range, a wide range power input, and an aluminum chassis. Click for more info…


The BOXER-8150AI features eight USB 3.0 ports powered by four USB chipsets, maximizing bandwidth for use with USB cameras and other input devices. Higher bandwidth allows greater accuracy, and higher framerates for camera based AI applications. Click for more info…


The BOXER-8170AI provides flexibility and power with four PoE ports, four USB 3.0 ports, two HDMI and two COM ports. The BOXER-8170AI can power AI applications that rely on PoE cameras and devices, or operate as an AIOT gateway for smart solutions. Click for more info…

BOXER-8130AI -Recab-Aaeon-Embedded

Featuring six MIPI CSI-2 interfaces, the BOXER-8130AI supports up to six MIPI cameras. The BOXER-8130AI also features two antenna ports, perfect for mobile applications or AIoT gateway functions. The BOXER-8130AI is built tough for the harsh requirements of industrial embedded applications. Click for more info…

Recab engineering team develops for Your future needs
Recab engineering team has through years of experience, with developing products & solutions, established a successful & effective organization.

Our engineers work closely with our customers to create exceptional products that meet the requirements & demands for the application.
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Link to Aaeon
Link to Recab Engineering team

Download datasheet for the The BOXER-8100AI family of embedded AI systems

Aaeon – The BOXER-8100AI family


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