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10 January 2022 | Products

Acksys – AirXroad/4P:
All-in-one: AP/client/repeater/Mesh/router

11n WiFi access point, Ethernet bridge, repeater & MESH point for automotive & heavy duty applications.
AirXroad/4P is E-marked ECE R10* and can thus be installed in full safety aboard of all on-road equipment.

Recab_WiFI_Acksys-AirXroad:4P_ AP/client/repeater/Mesh/router

AirXroad/4P can be installed in full safety aboard of all on-road equipment.
AirXroad/4P is a compact rugged enclosure equipment, ideally designed for applications in road transportation, depots, warehouses, agriculture, manufacturing floors, docks, distribution centers, shipyards and lumberyards… it can be mounted in trucks, city buses, forklifts, trailers, tractors or cranes or in any rotating machinery, for material handling, real-time information transmission, and inventory management.

The device relies on the multi-streams MIMO technology that contributes to an expanded coverage, higher data throughput and increased radio link reliability.

It fulfills the most severe requirements in terms of operating environment: from -20°C to +60°C, shock and vibration proof, protection against dust and water projections (IP66).

AirXroad/4P is E-marked ECE R10* (EMC standard for electronic equipment installed aboard vehicle), and can thus be installed in full safety aboard of all on-road equipment.

Features: AirXroad /4P – AP/client/repeater/Mesh/router: 

Acksys – AirXroad/4P


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