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Industrial Raspberry Pi
– BL Pi-Tron CM3+
By Kontron

Raspberry Pi is one of the best known embedded Linux computers in the world. Its success began in the maker community, but it has long become an industry favorite.

-The software pool created & maintained by a highly active community is an ideal basis for creating rapid-prototyping applications, and plenty of how-to videos on project implementation are available.

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Kontron: WP web panel – with smart QIWI software toolkit

This modern Web Panel series combines high-quality design with brilliant multi-touch technology displays and scalable performance. The Web Panels feature a robust glass touchscreen, completely flush mounted in a stylish aluminium or stainless steel frame. Standard versions are considered for panel mount and offer
IP65 protection at the front.

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Computers within Automation and IoT solutions by Kontron

The Internet of Things (IoT) demands ever smaller but nevertheless high-performing controller solutions as standard. They must also provide a wide array of industrial-use interfaces to offer expansion options for various applications. Let us present an Automation and IoT solutions control & regulate processes, devices & machines.

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