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10 May 2022 | Products

2D & 3D Laser profiler – Measure Ultra high precision

Perform 2D/3D measurement and inspection in line with the
LJ-X8000 Series. Offers 3200 points/profile and making it easy to accurately measure any target shape or material from high-resolution images.


2D & 3D Laser profiler reaches over 720mm (28″)
The maximum laser line width reaches over 720mm (28″), and multiple can be paired together to scan even larger targets. Programming for these high-performance sensors is completed in three simple steps, making accurate in line 3D measurement accessible for users of any experience level.

Capture the shape of targets in exceptional detail with the new standard in high-resolution measurement, 3200 points/profile.

Capture stable profiles from any target, regardless of colour, material, or shape.

Set up in 3 easy steps – Measurement and inspection settings can be configured in three easy steps that any user can complete. Designed to handle a wide-range of applications, from profile measurement to 3D inspection.

2D Measurement

3D Measurement



Cylindrical lens – Parallel light is emitted using a cylindrical lens designed to prevent the reflected light from scattering across the surface of the target. This ensures reliable reflections from any shape or surface.

Large-aperture receiver lens – In addition to the unique optical design,  a large-aperture light-receiving lens that covers three times the area of the conventional lens is installed to deliver the increased amount of light received.

High-resolution CMOS – This newly developed CMOS enables high-resolution measurement using  3200 points/profile, while delivering improved imaging capability on targets with varying reflectivity.


Examples 2D Measurement:
Car door flush and gap – Control flush and gap at the micron level. 
By mounting the sensor on a 
*multi-axial robot, inspections can be performed inline.

Examples 3D Measurement:
Brake rotor porosity. Using 3D images, it’s possible to detect porosity in rough surfaces. High resolution profiles enable stable detection of even the smallest dents.


Examples: Tire shape / DOT code inspection
With improved X-axis and Z-axis precision, it’s possible to holder tighter tolerances over a wider inspection area. This significantly expands the types of applications that can use 3D measurement.

Maximising resolution and target detection
To improve the resolution of the sensor, the number of pixels on the CMOS needs to be increased, which can be accomplished by making each pixel smaller. But smaller pixels can result in insufficient light to create an accurate profile of some target shapes or surfaces. For the LJ-X series, we’ve implemented new technology to create a laser profiler capable of high resolution measurement on any target.

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Keyence – 2D & 3D Laser profiler – Measure Ultra high precision


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