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07 September 2022 | Products

1D/2D Code Reader SR-2000 Series – High resolution reading now possible

One reader for any code, anywhere, any speed!
We at Recab are very proud to Breaking the stigma of code readers -Just install and go!
Obtain a wider field of view and greater depth of field at a longer range. Work as fast as the targets can move. No experience is required to master the SR-2000 Series from Keyence.


Functions for Even Greater Usability
Quantitatively confirm printing quality. Prevent causes of reading errors before they occur:
Matching level function – Check the reading margin using numerical values
Rather than confirming whether reading was possible or not, a code’s quality can be checked using a scale of 1 to 100. To prevent reading errors from occurring, the marking quality degradation is analysed and utilised for predictive maintenance such as feedback on the marking process.

Code verification function (indication values)
Verification according to standard-specified print quality criteria
The SR-2000 Series offers a code verification function for tasks with growing importance including ensuring reading stability in later processes and offering support for print quality control requests from suppliers.
Complying with the new ISO/IEC 15416 standard, this function verifies both 2D codes and barcodes for a wide range of code verification support. This function can also be used for both “offline” and “inline” production.
Supported standards:
ISO/IEC 15416
ISO/IEC 15415
ISO/IEC TR 29158 (AIM-DPM-1-2006)
ISO/IEC 16022
SAE AS9132
SEMI T10-0701

Lighting attachment – One-touch mounting with no need for a power supply
The SR-2000 Series is available with a newly developed external lighting attachment that does not require a power supply while allowing codes to be illuminated from a variety of directions. This attachmentis effective for code verification functions or reading direct part markings, such as markings on targets with a mirror finished surface. Using this attachment greatly improves cost savings compared with general external lighting.


Functions that facilitate reading and data processing for greater on-site usability
Always-on function – Reading with minimal movement through overhead placement.
With conventional models, work occurred in three steps: Take the product in one hand. Take the handheld code reader in the other. Scan the code. Thanks to the SR-2000 Series’ “Always-On” function, reading is done just by taking the product in hand, and users will not even notice the light from the reader itself.

Advanced multi head function – Reading of an even larger field of view or of multiple surfaces. The SR-2000 Series not only offers an ultra-wide field of view but can also work in tandem with additional readers for an even wider field of view. Master stations are capable of summarising data from slave stations, allowing users to control multiple readers as if they were a single code reader. Because the host is not required to control multiple readers individually, programming work can be greatly reduced.

Data edit function – Customisable reading data output formatting
Thanks to the SR-2000 Series’ ability to offer customisable data output formats, programming corrections on the host side (PC, PLC, etc.) are not required, resulting in shorter data processing.

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