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Best of both worlds

Best of both worlds

As daughter companies to Addtech AB, Metric Industrial AB and Recab Embedded Computers AB have cooperated for some time, but have now merged and formed the new company Recab AB. 

The merged company arising is an even stronger Scandinavian specialist company with focus on ”Embedded Computers Systems”, ”Industrial Communication” and ”Vision & Sensors” for demanding applications. In addition to rugged, demanding can also mean robust, redundant or an extended product lifecycle. 

Metric Industrial have first and foremost delivered equipment for machine vision, sensors and network communications to customers within automation, manufacturing, water and energy. Recab Embedded Computers focus on standard and customized rugged computer systems primarily to the defense, telecom, vehicle, railway and marine/offshore markets. In common for both companies is a distinct customer focus to deliver the best possible hw platform that enables our customers to develop world class applications. 

The merge results in a complete product offering, spanning from edge to cloud for the increasing need of an intelligent, connected industry. Combined with our expertise and experience, this gives Recab an excellent position for the future where we continue to enable world class applications. 


Please visit to discover the complete product offering and to find out more about the new Recab AB. Thus far only in Swedish, but to be released in other languages soon.  

The merge does not include Metric Industrial in Norway.

For further information, please contact your local embedded team player.