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RECAB goes against the trend

RECAB goes against the trend

RECAB raising expectations and expanding to larger premises and are looking for additional employees in the Nordic Countries.

During the past four years, RECAB expanded significantly and increased rapidly both turnover and earnings. Much of RECABs success has been due to the role of complete outsourcing partner for its customers in embedded computer systems. Because of the increased demand for services from RECABs system integration centers as well as increased sales in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, RECAB now further expands its premises and is now adding significant number of staff. It is interesting that we go against the grain and grows in a Gazelle Speed says Mads Poulsen. One reason is the local integration area with high technical competence and proximity to customers in the Nordic market. Therefore, we are now further strengthening our local presence and invest even more in services and integration facilities. This is fully in line with the company's concept as Team Player and COTS (Custom Off The Shelf) provider.

“RECAB has a philosophy which is to work as one company across the Nordic borders and see it not as important, exactly in what geographical area these openings will be filled. The important thing is to be close to our customers, and to have staff with the right attitude and skills” - says Mads Poulsen, CEO of RECAB.

RECAB will in the coming months to recruit personnel for system integration including Integration / production planning as well FAE's (Field Application Engineers) in Sweden and Norway. In addition to this, RECAB has a plan to recruit a handful of people to roles in sales and logistics.
RECAB Embedded Computers is also expected to release an interesting year report within a few weeks.