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The VT030 Switching Shelf Manager (SSM) combines VadaTech’s 3rd Generation Shelf Manager with integrated 10GbE Layer 2 or Layer 3 Managed Switches on the same module. This allows two slots in the system to be used as Nodes versus having the slots otherwise be allocated as dedicated switching hubs in the system.

With two VT030’s in the system, there is full redundancy and failover both on the Hub side as well as on the Shelf Manager side. The SSMs are compact, where two switches can be mounted outside of the card cage area, saving space. The VT030 can run as a protocol analyzer to monitor, inject, capture and validate I2C traffic on the Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB). A Graphical User Interface (GUI) validates and displays the IPMB messages for injection into the shelf. The GUI application communicates with the VT030 through the Ethernet port.

The VT030 is fully hot-swappable to minimize service downtime. An ART030 Rear Transition Module (RTM) for routing the I/O to the rear can be ordered separately.

  • 10GbE Switching Shelf Manager
    • eliminates need for separate switch slots
  • Compliant to PICMG 3.0 base specs
  • Compliant to PICMG 3.1 fabric specs
  • Compact 1.0" H x 5.685" W x 11.096" D size
  • Octal 10GbE ports via SFP+
  • Dual GbE, 10/100 out-of-band, and RS-232 de-bug ports via RJ-45
  • Ten 10GbE ports routed to RTM for optional access
  • Software for Sensor Data Record, event logs, FRU inventory monitoring temp and power, e-keying, alarms and more
  • Unmatched front panel density, including LED indicators for Base, Fabric, SHMC, Reset, Power Fail, Standby, and more
  • Can run as an IPMI protocol analyzer to monitor the I2C busses.
  • IPMI 2.0 (or 1.5) compliant
  • Telco alarm with Micro DB15 connector front panel interface
  • Active/standby redundancy when utilizing two VT030 IMSs in a system

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