Defence / Avionics

High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) often uses GPU’s such as Nvidia CUDA Cores and accumulate vast amounts of data.

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RECAB has a long history in rugged computing, developing high-end Defense and Avionic display- communication and computer systems. RECAB offers one of the industry’s largest selections of military computing hardware, including application-ready platforms, COTS boards and rugged enclosures.

RECAB provides standard off-the-shelf products, as well as semi-custom and full-custom systems and solutions. Our knowledge and experience go beyond MIL-SPECs and DO-160 requirements, also considering serviceability, modularity and lifecycle when deploying systems on a wide range of military and avionics platforms.

Our team of highly skilled salespeople and engineers ensures you receive the right guidance throughout the process, from suggesting possible solutions to testing, certification, delivery and implementation of the right product for your mission-critical defense or avionics application.

Here is a small selection of products especially targeted for the challenging environment of the Defense and Avionics area, which are tested and certified according to several MIL-STD and DO-160 standards. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


The eBOX800-841-FL is a fanless embedded system with IP67 protection for... 

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Hydra 1004

The Hydra 1004 is a rugged 3G-SDI 1x4 video splitter designed to operate in rugged... 

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VXS systems 7 slot, with rear I/O 

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VPX case system, 4 U, 5 slot, with/without Rear I/O 

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XP B5x/msd

XP B5x/msd provides high performance control and management capability for any... 

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FR 351/m06

FR 351/m06 is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch designed to provide high bandwidth... 

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The VadaTech UTC041 is the most feature-rich conduction cooled MicroTCA Carrier Hub... 

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Alta Data Technologies’ CPCIC3/6-MA4 interface module is a multi-channel,... 

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Alta Data Technologies’ PCIEC4L-MA4 interface module is a multi-channel,... 

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Application Story - Maritime

The RECAB MPU (Maritime Processing Unit) is extremely versatile. It’s easy to change or add hardware functionality such as AIS or other GPS system modules. This flexibility enables deployment in several other application areas.
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Application Story - Avionics

RECAB has received a grant from the Research Council of Norway to develop a new standard for robust, compact processing units for extreme environments. The grant provides funding for a three-year project involving development of four different processing units.
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Rugger Modular Computer - Meets Defence Standards

RECAB presents a unique vehicle computer developed to meet defense standards. This model is based on CompactPCI, but we can adapt it to meet your specific requirements. We believe there is a strong need for a rugged vehicle computer platform.
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The customer approached RECAB looking for a special test system for development of communications services. RECAB had previously carried out several projects with similar technical requirements, so it was a good match. All design work was done in cooperation with the end customer
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