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The VT899 is a 7U μTCA chassis that provides 6 AMC full size single module slots or 3 AMC full size double module that can accept any AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 and/or AMC.4. It provides CLK1, CLK2, and CLK3 to each slot. The VT899 has redundant Cooling Units (CU) for higher MTBF values. There is an option for redundant/non-redundant clock per μTCA specification. The CLK3 option can be configured for the Fabric clock as well as Telecom clock. There is an option for Port 2 and 3 to be directly connected among the adjacent AMCs or to the fabric B (AMC.3 SATA/SAS switch option on the MCH).

The VT899 has a Telco Alarm as well as Redundant FRU information devices and carrier locators. The VT899 has a JSM slot which routes to each JTAG port of the AMC. The JSM module could be ordered separately or shipped with the Chassis.


7U uTCA Cube Chassis, 6 AMC

  • 7U μTCA Cube
  • 5” x 7U x 9” deep (with handles 10” deep)
  • Redundant Cooling Units
  • Up to six AMCs: 6 full size single module or 3 full size double module
  • Radial I2C bus to each AMC
  • Single Star passive 26 layer backplane
  • Redundant FRU information devices and carrier locator
  • Telco Alarm
  • CLK1, CLK2 and CLK3
  • JTAG Switch Module (JSM) Slot
  • ESD Jack at the top front

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