NATIVE-R9 is designed for high availability physics applications where redundancy of all chassis modules is required. NATIVE-R9 offers two push-pull fan trays which are removable from the front of the chassis. Cable trays at the front and rear of the chassis facilitate management of cables. The chassis accepts up to four MTCA.0 compliant Power Modules.

  • Front slots conform to MicroTCA specification PICMG MicroTCA.0 R1.0
    • 2 x MCH slots Single/Double Full-size
    • 12 x AMC slots Single/Double Mid-size
    • 4 x PM slots Single/Double Full size
  • Rear slots according to PICMG Physics WG1 (MTCA.4)
    • 12 x RTM slots Double Mid-size
  • Two redundant hot-swap fan trays with EMMC for AMC and uRTM cooling in push-pull configuration.
  • Air Flow: bottom front air intake, top rear air exhaust
  • Chassis dimensions:
    • Width: 19" Rack mount
    • Height: 9U
    • Depth: 373.30 mm