The NATIVE-R5 is a compact and space optimized 5U MTCA.4 system for applications where rear transition modules and rear cabling is required.

This seven slot MTCA.4 chassis can be used with NAT-MCH-PHYS, NAT-MCH-SSD (SSD mass storage) and NAT-MCH-RTM-COMex (Core-i7) using all seven AMC and seven µRTM slots for IO.

Power modules are available as either 600WAC or 840WDC versions.

  • front slots conform to MicroTCA specification PICMG MicroTCA.0 R1.0
    • 1 x MCH slot double, full-size
    • 6 x AMC slots double, mid-size
    • 1 x AMC slot double, mid-size or double, full-size
    • single size AMCs can be installed using splitting kits
  • rear slots according to PICMG MTCA.4
    • 6 x µRTM slots double, mid-size
    • 1 x µRTM slot double, mid-size or double, full-size    
  • 600WAC or 840WDC power supply, front pluggable
  • 1 cooling unit with air filter
  • air flow: bottom air in take, top air exhaust
  • two chassis can be mounted side-by-side for 19"-cabinet installation
  • chassis dimensions:
    • Width: 217.72 mm (ca. 42HP)
    • Height: 221.45 mm (5U)
    • Depth: 373.30 mm